What is the Need for School Uniforms

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6 min readSep 16, 2022

As a student, I was always bothered by the fact that we were required to wear school uniforms. I can still remember how my classmates and I would walk around the corridors, looking for ways to escape wearing our school uniforms. We simply hated wearing it because we thought it would limit our individuality. But little did we know, school uniforms have advantages that many people didn’t know about.

School uniforms are actually very essential in schools because they help promote discipline in education. School students tend to get distracted easily and often spend time thinking too much of what their friends are wearing or what brands their shoes are. This is the reason why they often fail to pay attention during class. But with the implementation of school uniforms, students will have no choice but to pay attention during class because all of them are wearing the same thing. It will be easier for them to concentrate more on learning and studying instead of worrying about what they should wear the next day.

Another good thing about school uniforms is that it helps boost self-esteem and self-confidence among students because it eliminates discrimination based on clothing style and brand names that are visible on clothing. School uniforms create an environment where everyone is treated equally and this helps eliminate bullying amongst students as well as establish a sense of equality among

According to a study done by the University of Southern California, schools that implemented uniform policies have seen a remarkable reduction in disciplinary problems among students. This may be because uniforms take away the social divide between economic and social classes, as uniforms make all students look the same.

From an academic standpoint, studies show that students who wear School Uniforms have better grades than those who do not. The logic behind this is that uniforms give students an identity to be proud of, and further gives them a sense of belongingness which is reflected in their academic performances.

Uniforms give everyone an equal chance in life. A business suit does not define you as a person; it is merely clothing for work. But when you wear your school uniform, you are showing your commitment to yourself and others of having an education to become a productive member of society. You cannot always choose how you look in public; this is why choosing what to wear can change people’s perspectives about you entirely. Wearing a uniform helps you feel good about yourself because your clothing does not define who you are as a person; your personality does. By wearing a uniform, you are allowing yourself to feel confident in knowing that no matter what other people may be thinking about you.

The benefits of school uniforms extend beyond teaching students a sense of discipline and responsibility. School uniforms also make schools safer. It becomes easier to identify any intruder in the school, plus kids’ uniforms reduce school violence because of dress. Each year, many students are beaten up for the clothes they wear. Uniforms can help eliminate this problem. School uniforms prevent theft as students will not be allowed to wear expensive accessories or clothing.

Students wearing uniforms also have an added sense of pride for their school. Uniforms can provide each student with a sense of belonging as well as a feeling of equality amongst peers. Lastly, school uniforms encourage learning by eliminating distractions caused by various outfits worn by students. In addition, uniforms greatly reduce costs to both parents and children. Often times, families would spend hundreds of dollars on clothing alone for one child who attends public schools. School uniforms eliminate the need to purchase new clothing each year thus saving parents money while reducing expenses for children who must purchase new clothing each school year due to growth spurts.

School uniforms have been in the practice for more than three decades. The idea behind implementing the uniforms is to reduce peer pressure on students to choose expensive brands. Students are now more focused on their studies rather than fashion. There is a marked increase in academic performance of students. Students seem more disciplined and professional by wearing school uniforms.

Schools with uniform policy don’t have any distractions like expensive brand clothes and designer shoes. Students wear simple, single color clothes which eliminate all fashion competitions among students, who wear clothes as per their choice and thus feel no competition among them for wearing expensive clothes, which ultimately leads to distraction in class and ultimately affect their academic performance.

School uniforms help students to concentrate on their studies and also help them to focus on school work only. This leads to overall improved performance in school. Students are not distracted by fashion products or brands; they tend to dress modestly and behave properly resulting in a clean campus full of discipline and orderliness.

School uniforms are informal but still instill discipline among students, because they have no choice but to follow the dress code set by the school itself. In addition, parents too feel that school uniforms help children concentrate better on their studies than focusing on fashion trends as they have no choice in terms of what they will make them wear.

School uniforms are a controversial topic, with important implications for education and social equality. On the one hand, they can reduce the amount of money parents spend on clothing, which is especially helpful to low-income families. They can also help students feel more comfortable because they don’t have to worry about fitting in with their peers based on clothing choices. On the other hand, uniforms can reinforce social stereotypes and impede students’ ability to express them: not everyone can wear a polo shirt and khakis every day. School uniforms may be necessary or a good idea in some areas or situations, but probably not everywhere, and certainly not always.

School uniforms are controversial enough that there’s little consensus about whether they’re actually effective. Some studies have found positive effects, such as reductions in discipline problems, gang activity, and disrespect for authority figures; other studies have found no effect on these dimensions of school life, or even adverse effects like poorer academic performance. There’s less evidence internationally than there is within the U.S., but we do know that certain countries like Japan and South Korea require school uniforms (with some exceptions), while others like England and France don’t even allow it as an option. It all depends on what you’re looking for from school uniforms.

School uniforms are a way to promote social equality and act as a standard for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. As the top school uniform businesses in UAE, Apparel Point recognizes this and offers school uniforms and other apparel that are perfect for every student’s needs. We are uniform suppliers in the UAE.

School uniforms help create a cohesive learning environment by enhancing students’ focus on education. Students who wear school uniforms tend to have higher test scores because they are more comfortable, focused, and ready to learn. Students also tend to stay in school longer when they wear uniforms — students who wear their uniform are more likely to graduate from high school than their peers who do not wear them.

Apparel Point focuses on providing students with school uniforms that enhance the learning environment for students and prevent distractions caused by clothing choices. We offer high-quality school uniforms that are durable enough to last throughout the school year and beyond. Our customer service team is available to help you pick out the right uniform for your child’s needs so you can rest assured that your child is well taken care of while they attend class.



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